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Spotlight on: Watch Out Moose

Welcome to your 15 minutes of fame with Crowded! Let’s get to know you.

Q. So first things first, what’s your real (first) name?

A. Jason

Q. What’s your day job?

A. I am a Digital Video Specialist for a communications company. I handle all day to day tasks for clients that have an audio and or video component. It’s fun and by the time I tire of the current project I am working on something completely different comes through the door.

Q. What was the inspiration behind your gamertag?

A. Once Destiny was becoming a daily thing for me, I wanted to replace my Microsoft generated GT I got when I signed up for Halo 2 (UnknownRainbow2) so I was on the lookout for something. I was on a work trip in Vermont and saw a highway sign that read “Watch out for” and a picture of a moose. It was available so here we are!

Q. How long have you been in the Crowded Group?

A. I first joined Crowded sometime between Spire of Stars and D2 Y2. However it wasn’t until Spring 2019 that I began to truly interact with the group.

Q. In short, what made you want to join Crowded?

A. Oh, no! Here comes the controversy. I became aware of Crowded because I was actively trying to recruit True Pico into the clan I belong to – the Bureau of Space Magic. My efforts were rebuffed and I was invited to join the Crowded Discord instead. All joking aside, this was the better choice since everyone I have interacted with has been a stellar person.

*No judgement- we’re just glad you came around and made the right decision!*

Q. What kind of music do you listen to?

A. I want to enjoy all the music, but I do have a soft spot for 90’s indie as well as any artist that comes out of the Washington, DC music scene. This past year I got a fantastic education in 20th Century county music via a podcast called “Cocaine and Rhinestones”. I am hoping to find something similar for classical music this year.

Q. If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

A. I already have a superpower. The ability to fall asleep anywhere. Standing up in church, sitting on a curb at the Sesame Place parade, in a dentist chair while they clean my teeth.

Q. Rank your top 3 video games of all time

A. Half-Life, HALO:ODST, Dragon Warrior 1 & 2.

Q. What’s your favorite movie and/or favorite book?

A. I am not sure I have a favorite. The Dark Tower series and the The Sprawl trilogy (William Gibson’s Neuromancer, Count Zero, and Mona Lisa Overdrive) are the only books I’ve read twice. I will always stop what I am a doing to watch Starship Troopers if I come across it on cable.

Q. Mario Kart- who’s your driver?

A. Yoshi? It’s been so long since I’ve played this. Sorry.

Q. What’s your favorite story/moment of gaming?

A. I love any moment of gaming where everyone is invested and the outcome is uncertain. The initial weeks of the Whisper and Zero Hour missions come to mind. A recent example was a 980 Nightmare Hunt myself and two others were doing for a time trial. We had the boss go immune immediately after becoming damageable and we only had a 60 seconds before we went over the time limit. We did a very efficient clear of the ads then put everything we had into the boss with seconds to spare. When the triumph complete graphic displayed on screen there was so much astonished hype on the comms. Those moments, for me, are the ones I enjoy the most.

Q. When not gaming, what other hobbies do you enjoy in your free time?

A. Reading, photography, exercising, and raising our family of two daughters, a cat, and two birds.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about Crowded?

A. The People!

Thank you for spending some time telling us more about yourself Watch Out Moose! We hope you had some fun- enjoy your time in the crowded spotlight!