Guild Membership Requirements

Guild membership is referring to the in-game guilds that various games have not the community in general. For example, in Destiny 2 those are referred to as clans. The community is open and free to join.

Requirements to Join

These are prerequisites that you’ll need before you will receive an invite or be accepted into the guild.

  • Playing with other guild members
  • Referral from another guild member
  • You have shown a history of joining up on games on the100 group
  • You are active in Discord

Destiny specific clan requirements

  • Your profile is publicly viewable and fetchable by third party APIs. We use to administer the clan and if your data is not viewable there, we will request that you enable it before and during your membership.

Requirements to Stay

  • You are playing with other guild members each week.
    • We understand life happens, so there is some grace here. If you go a calendar month of no activity, you may be removed from the guild.
  • You are actively contributing to the guild each week.
    • This is more of a pulse check that you are participating in activities that benefit the guild in some way.
  • You are actively posting and/or joining guild games on the100 group.
    • For games you’ve joined, you show up.
    • Don’t leave gaming session on the100 just before it’s about to start.
  • Members are expected to show respect to everyone. Harassment of any members in the community will not be tolerated in any form. We are committed to an environment of mutual respect, dignity, and fair treatment.

Requirements to Rejoin

  • You must have left on good terms
  • You are allowed to rejoin once after leaving, after that, it will be at the admins’ discretion whether or not to allow your request to rejoin.